Gap Year in Ghost Town by Michael Pryor


Let’s get this straight – ghosts are everywhere. I can see them. You can’t. And, see them or not, they’re dangerous. This is why my family has hunted ghosts for hundreds of years to protect people like you.

The Marin family are outcasts of the ghost hunting world. They run a two-man operation in inner city Melbourne. Anton has the Ghost-sight, but his father does not.

Rani Cross is supremely skilled in hand-to-hand combat, with enhanced speed and strength thanks to her magical initiation into the Company of the Righteous.

When it comes to ghost-hunting methodology, Anton and Rani don’t see eye to eye – Anton likes to ‘ease their passage’ to the next world, while Rani’s all about the slashing.

But Melbourne is under threat; with a massive spike in violent ghost manifestations, Anton and Rani must find a way to work together to keep supernatural forces at bay.


Gap Year in Ghost Town was an unexpected awesome read for me!

Gap year is set in Melbourne (home town represent xD) Anton our main character is hilarious so straight off the bat this book hooked me. I mean it has Ghosts, A+ Melbourne references, amazing aussie slang AND smartassary could I ask for more?

I didn’t exactly love the authors short story in the Anthology and I’ve never read any of his other books so I went into this with rather low expectations and I’m kinda glad I did because it impressed me just that much more.

Anton has a quick mouth and is fast to deflect with something witty but he’s also incredible adorable, kind-hearted, and wants to put on a brave face (he also wears some great jackets but that doesn’t really further the plot.)

Basically Anton has just finished school and is taking a Gap year of the supernatural kind, his family has run a ghost hunting business for 200+ years and this year is his turn to test it out, see if this is what he wants to do for his life or if he wants to leave ghost hunting and pursue a different career choice, while doing that he stumbles upon a weird crop of ghosts and a new ghost hunter in town, together they set out to find out what exactly is happening with all the Melbournian ghosts.

Okay lists of what I loved:

  • Untitled designRani and her sword
  • Rani
  • All the ghosts
  • Anton sass
  • Rani and her ass kickary
  • The plot was fast paced and really interesting
  • Possession
  • Bec and the best friend level, Becs didn’t feature much but I really enjoy her and Antons friendship
  • Murders
  • Ghosts
  • Aussie Slang

4/5 Stars

The reason why this wasn’t a 5/5 stars is it just didn’t hook me as much as other books had. It was missing a certain spark for me that makes me want to shove it in everyone’s faces and make them read it right there and then. Also some of the sentences were a bit stunted BUT I did have an arc so this might have been fixed up in the finished copies.

Overall I really loved the plot, the ghosts, the setting, and all the characters. This works as a standalone but I hope we get some more installments of Anton’s adventures.

Bring on more Melbourne Ghosts!

Have you read this? What did you think? Is it on your TBR? Any Ghost YA story recommendations?

10 thoughts on “Gap Year in Ghost Town by Michael Pryor

  1. Yay, great review! LOVED THE MELBOURNE SETTING and basically all the things you loved about it, I did too. 😀 I also said in my review (unpublished at the moment) that it lacked a zing factor for me too, but it was still an awesome read which I really enjoyed! And I definitely hope it continues. 🙂

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    1. The melbourne vibes were perfect and Anton is such a great character. I want more from the gang, Rani and Bec living together and cosplaying while slaying ghosts YES PLEASE xD

      It was just missing out on that extra thing that would have pushed me over the edge and loved it. Can’t wait to see your full review 😀

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    1. RIGHT?! The Dad is such an awesome character too I loved his role in the story and it’s only realistic that the dad would be a big part of the family business of ghost hunting xD

      The Anthology is Begin End Begin, it’s an awesome Aussie collab of Authors and I loved most of the stories. I know its available on ebook internationally and I think it’s getting published in the US? Not too sure tho I hope it does!

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