Series Review: Golden Son & Morning Star by Pierce Brown

You know the drill, don’t read the second or third reviews without having read the previous because spoilers guys, SPOILERS! If you haven’t started this amazing trilogy yet, check out my review for Red Rising, it’s safe and spoil free over there xD

Now onto the good parts and by good parts I mean me repeatedly yelling about my love for powered armor… I’d say I’m sorry but I’m not, not even a little bit. 

Golden Son:


God these books are action packed and so cool, seriously everything I want from a Sci fi.

Darrow is struggling with his mission and unsure what the next move.

Sevro is a bloodydamn amazing bastard as usual and hurts my heart I love him a lot.

Mustang is strong and proud, a true griffindor heart all the way through but certain information is going to bend her mind and force her into decisions and situations she’s not ready for.

Ragnar a new character was an unexpected fave and I loved seeing more of the colour class systems and really understanding how the Golds have gained complete control for so long.

The start of the story was a little slow for me, maybe because I waited a month after the first book to start? Maybe because it continued on with little world building and I had to search my brain for all the info the first book gave me? Either way it’s the reason I knocked a star off.

Once I was past the first 50 pages though things were flying again… SPACE WARS GUYS, POWERED ARMOR GUYS, CIVIL WARFARE AND SO MANY SCHEMES. Let’s just say I enjoyed myself (powered armor guys?! Goddamn I love powered armor).

I absolutely love Darrow as a main character, he’s strong, makes mistakes, but is letting his guard down for the people he loves and really comfortable with his feelings which is an awesome change from the macho never cries warrior.

“Friendships take minutes to make, moments to break, years to repair.” 

Friendship based stories are also my fave, the breaking, the building, the loss, the love, this book had everything I want and more. If you like sci-fi and haven’t picked it up yet, do your self a favour and grab it, you won’t be disappointed.

4/5 stars

Morning Star: 



Ah Casey why must you wait 3 weeks to review something? Especially something EPIC LIKE THIS?!

It’s alright I’m already late to the Red Rising party anyways so let’s get into it.

– I adored this trilogy
– Probably one of my fave sci fis ever
– This better get the adaptation it deserves
– Darrow is one of the most complicated, caring, and wonderful characters I’ve ever read
– I didn’t really care about Mustang until this book
– The war is so well done
– The space combat is so well done
– They have powered armor I love powered armor 
– It’s pretty epic man
– You should read it

“If this is the end, I will rage toward it.” 

4/5 Stars


Writing this review I can’t remember why I only gave it 4 stars… it’s pretty fucking epic and we see so many different worlds, learn more about the other colours, and lose people who hurt my heart so much… Fuck it, I’m changing it to 5/5 stars 

Have you read this series?! What did you think? Do you just want to hug Sevro and then shower after because damn he’d smell because same. Also any other stories with Powered Armor hit me with them I am sad I haven’t read more. 


3 thoughts on “Series Review: Golden Son & Morning Star by Pierce Brown

  1. I can’t even talk about Ragnar…there are too many feelings there 😦 But seriously, aren’t these JUST THE BEST?!? I love Sevro and I totally agree with you about hugging then showering haha. Why the hell don’t we have powered armour yet?!? Like, it’s 2017 for fucks sake!! I am so happy you loved this series and gave it a 5/5. Awesome review!!!

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    1. so many feelings! Ah he was such a great character, they all are DX
      Dude I need powered amour in all my books, romance, horror WHATEVER just give me all the powered armour xD The only other book that I can remember having it is Fortunes Pawn by Rachel Bach – the powered amour is epic in that and the book is awesome too. Thank you ❤

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