Under the Dome by Stephen King


Synopsis taken from goodreads

The story of the small town of Chester’s Mill, Maine which is inexplicably and suddenly sealed off from the rest of the world by an invisible force field. No one can get in and no one can get out.

The normal rules of society are suddenly changed and when food, electricity and water run short, the community begins to crumble. As a new and more sinister social order develops, Dale Barbara, Iraq veteran, teams up with a handful of intrepid citizens to fight against the corruption that is sweeping through the town and to try to discover the source of the Dome before it is too late . . .




Imagine one day your stuck in your town, you’ve sent out your husband for something in the next estate, your child’s at soccer playing an away game, your best friends out shopping and you cancelled on them so you could sleep in and read for a few more hours, your mum’s visiting your aunt who lives 45 mins away, now their shut off from you.Physically unable to get back into the town, safe out there while your stuck in this small town you’ve lived in all your life.

A plane explode into what looks like thin air, cars are having head on collisions with nothing yougif_500x288_0fda101 can see, all the birds are dying by smacking into what seems like a window, Everything along state lines has been cut in half. Animals mutilated, people half in and half out sliced clean through the middle. You take stock of your supplies, you walk to the town center to talk with locals and find out who has dies and who is injured. You try to wrap your head around this clear rock hard force mike-vogel-in-under-the-dome.jpgfield encircling your little town, give it a name “The Dome” Go to bed and hope the government fixes everything by tomorrow.61f5ecd93a394115a725c313b6ee1cd409f699649f3a7b022193370d512901d8

Stephen King presents us with an amazing predicament and through multiple POV’s and a narrator is able to tell us whats going on everywhere inside this small town in Maine. Average people are going stir crazy, people who lost their love ones are grieving and hosting funerals, The Doctor was away and now it’s up to the doctors assistant to treat a whole town with only an ambulance driver and candy stripers on duty.

The police force is looking a lot like the Stanford Prison Experiment and becoming increasingly corrupt. There are murders on the loose and your friendly town has turned on it’s self, Being cut off from the world as they know it.
Turning the army posted on the other side of the Dome as“them” and themselves as us. The lines start to smudge even more when the good chief of police dies and the corrupt second town selectmen starts to claw his way to the top creating an Us and Them inside of the dome.


WOW this book is big, I mean 1000+ pages! I read this on eBook and didn’t check the page count until around 350 pages in, by then I had already fallen for this little town and its residents.

The writing style is unique and kept me engaged the whole way through. Not only did I love Barbie the ex military out of towner, but Julie the strong-willed reporter, Rose the cafe owner who knows everyone’s favourites, Rusty the town “doctor”, his wife Julia and there two kids. We had not one villain but a whole array of them, ranging from psychotic messes to power hungry used car dealers and even a bunch of teenagers that were given guns and no training causing my chaos then calm.fcrzy.gif

The research that went into this book is phenomenal and in my eyes it really paid off, from how animals acted when trapped, to how the climate would change, to how people can turn at the drop of a hat or should I say force field *snickers*.

The ending was great for me, all the way up to the last page I didn’t know how this would all turn out.

4/5 stars! I don’t really know why I’m not giving it 5 stars I love it but I’m not shoving it down everyone I see’s eyeballs if that makes sense.

I haven’t watched anything but the first episode of the TV show and even watching that the difference are already there. I plan on watching the series asap and seeing this unfold on TV. I find it interesting how this book only spans over a week, so much happens it’s so well documented. I am assuming the TV show spread across a longer time period but I guess I’ll find out when I watch it.

How is your Halloween readathon going? What are you currently reading? Have you read this or watched the show? Did you like it, love it? Hate it?


Lets talk about it more down below 😀

27 thoughts on “Under the Dome by Stephen King

  1. I read this book quite a while ago and I LOVED it!!!! I know it’s /huge/ but that hasn’t kept me from being way too tempted to pick it up again–it’s just sitting there in my bookcase, calling me . . . XD
    (You can see my review here!: https://theloquaciousbibliophile.wordpress.com/2015/12/06/confessions-of-a-bibliophile-under-the-dome/ )
    I haven’t seen any of the show yet, but I’ve been meaning to see it!

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    1. From the first episode there was already so much changed! Excited to watch it anyhow 🙂 The ending was fantastic and so crazy to think about, I mean 1 week and everything’s gone through that much destruction 0.0

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  2. I was so happy to see a review on this book. I havent read it and it’s been sitting on shelf for years now lol. I bought it after I started watching the show. Now I’m really looking forward to reading it. Especially since the show was cancelled. Since you haven’t watched it yet I just wanted to give u a heads up.

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    1. I’ve heard it was cancelled at season 3 😦 How sad to everyone that didn’t know what happens next, it will be interesting to see what they managed to include and what the show got up to in the story line. I hope you enjoy it! It’s super thick but I found the large cast of characters kept me engaged in the story 😀

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    1. I think you’d really enjoy it but its SO FREAKIN LONG believe me I’m lucky I didn’t look at the page count until I was already sucked into the series otherwise this would have collected dust for a while (if I had it as a physical copy)
      Thank you Lauren! Maybe check out the audiobook if there is one, that always helps me with long books 😀


    1. I think if you get him to read the first 100 pages he’ll forget about the length and just get stuch into the story, ESPECIALLY if he’s a King fan it’s such a great read 🙂 I hope he enjoys it if you do get it for him!

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    1. ebook was definitely easy on the hands XD I plan on picking up the physical copy the next time I find it in the second hand store 🙂 I’ll re-read it some day 🙂
      It was on Australian netflix but its not anymore 😦 I’m going to have to stream it or hope that it comes back!

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  3. I’ve only read one Stephen King book, but I really want to read more by him. This one sounds SO good – I might have to tackle it one day when I feel ready for a long-haul read 😆 Lovely review!

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  4. This is one of the King books that’s been on my reading list for a while (I have to admit, I’ve been a bit daunted by the size!). But you’re review’s given me new enthusiasm to pick it up. I’m currently reading T. C. Boyle’s The Terranauts, which sounds slightly similar in that it’s about eight characters living in a sealed off ‘ecosphere’ (inspired by the biosphere 2 project in the US in the 90s). So far really fascinating seeing how the group dynamic changes the longer the Terranauts are under glass. Love anything set in a microcosm. 🙂

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    1. One of my fave things about the book was how messed up people and the environment got under such a short amount of time + the writing is fantastic I love how King included everyones point of view (even animals) the books lengthy because of it but I think it works so well.

      I’m adding The Terranauts to my TBR it sounds really interesting with only 8 characters, I feel like it would be super focused on them and would love to see the group shift 🙂

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