Every Breath by Ellie Marney

18080011.jpgRachel Watts has just moved to Melbourne from the country, but the city is the last place she wants to be.

James Mycroft is her neighbour, an intriguingly troubled seventeen-year-old who’s also a genius with a passion for forensics.

Despite her misgivings, Rachel finds herself unable to resist Mycroft when he wants her help investigating a murder. He’s even harder to resist when he’s up close and personal – and on the hunt for a cold-blooded killer.

When Rachel and Mycroft follows the murderer’s trail, they find themselves in the lion’s den – literally. A trip to the zoo will never have quite the same meaning again…


MAYTEEE READ THIS BOOK EVERYONE PLEASE, why you ask? Well let me tell you why*cracks knuckles*

– Smart Characters
– Murder Mystery
– Angsty teens
– Positive friendships
– Cute ass romance
– Sherlock retelling

More…. YOU NEED MORE REASONS…fine then have all the reasons.

“I’m only a genius with facts. I’m an academic genius and a social moron.’
‘At least you admit to being a moron at something.’
‘I admit to being a moron at lots of things. Being a moron in one or two areas serves to highlight my extraordinary brilliance in everything else.”

Murder Mystery Aussie YA what?! This book is amazing, seriously, absolutely, fantastically amazing!

Rachel Watts moved to Melbourne after her parents farm went under and is still adjusting to city life, not able to escape into a paddock or see stars her life’s turned upside down. Watts has been home schooled/ taken distance education so her first year in public school is different but she’s up to date educationally doing well if not better then most her class mates. Quickly making friends with Mai, Gus, and Mycroft this foursome is one of my favourite friendships groups and it helps that Mycroft lives two doors down from her.

First things first it is a SHERLOCK retelling! Now I know the basics about Sherlock but I’ve never actually watched or read it 0.0 What have I been doing with myself you ask? Dw I thought the same thing upon loving this story.

After a homeless man is killed Watts and Mycroft search for answers and learn a lot about themselves in the process, the mystery is perfect, the plot is fast and intriguing, the characters are stella, and the family relationships are my favourite.


Watts is such a kick ass chick, I’m torn between wanting to be her and wanting to be part of her friendship group. The language is so Australian I could happily read this book over and over again and the romance! It’s not in your face and getting in the way of the plot but man it’s beautiful.

Mycroft is a genius in every sense of the world and Watts is in no way your averege  sidekick. A tough kickass smart character who I just want to go ride dirt bikes with and solve crimes on the side.
Really can I ask for more?! I’ve decided to throw out my planned TBR (sorry review books) so I can binge read the whole trilogy BRING ON BOOK TWO!

5/5 stars

Have you read this? Did you love it? I need to just fangirl about this book with everyone.

Now I’m off to binge read the rest of this trilogy and ignore the evil looks my planned TBR is hurling my way.

13 thoughts on “Every Breath by Ellie Marney

  1. I’ve heard a lot of good things about this series a lot and I really hope to start it soon! I’m glad you enjoyed the first book in this trilogy. Great review!

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    1. It’s so amazing! I read Ellies short story in the Love Oz Ya anthology and LOVED the characters onlt to realise its a prequel to this trilogy so I was super pumped to get there full story XD
      I just finished the second book and it was AMAZING TOO! I hope you love these when you pick them up ❤

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  2. I LLLLLLLOOOOOVVVVE THIS SERIES! I remember the first time I picked up Every Breath, it was before LoveOzYA was kicking in and it blew me away. It was Melbourne. And the slow burn romance, sexy sexy. I can’t even word right now. Tomorrow the No Limits cover is releasing and it’s shit hot. You can read it as a standalone but if you’re reading book three, you’ll be even more excited to read it. Wait until you meet Harris 😀

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    1. KEEEEEELLLLLYYYY I have finished book 3 and Harris is a cutie as well as a hottie! I was expecting him to be a d-bag but I love him a lot and cant wait for this book! Seen the cover and I like it, I mean it’s better then these covers atleast but I just care about the insides *grabby hands*


    1. I think you’ll love it! I hadn’t really read a mystery YA before so this just pushed my my expectations way up 😀 If you liked Ellie’s short story in the anthology then you’ll like this coz it’s the same characters + sherlock retelling XD


  3. Sounds like an interesting series! Thanks for sharing!
    For me, my tbr is a guide rather than a rule. If I really really want to read a book I will add it to my tbr and read it asap 🙂


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